MASSAGE is definitely not maah thing!

Assalamualaikum everyone,
I know.. I know., I’ve been ditching this blog so hard! But sometimes, you need to agree with me, if it ain’t your thing, it won’t be your thing. (apakan~)
Anyway.. got an announcement to make..

Hope everyone else can redha with me. Jangan marah-marah,
Masih ramadhan ni. Btw hows your ramadhan so far?
Alhamdulillah, its been a massive zikrul maut for me.
Allahu.. thats why I want to remind everyone to take care of their health.

Anyway I did tell you ladies before right?
Massage and me is definitely in a complicated relationship.
I decided to ditch it.. move on with another ‘Unleashing the potential in Me’ which is..

*Drum roll* Doing Business


I’m currently focusing on my father-daughter collaboration business,the MOKDIN ENTERPRISE. Currently doing a self-learning & research on developing business and like anything else, it’s aint easy.But what’s ‘Unleashing one’s poetential’ without ribu, banjir and kilat right?


Someone need to start from somewhere right,
I have to say I need my dad’s help to do this, well actually I’m just helping him out
All the money, the starter kit is definitly from him.
But hey, why not make the full use of it.
Alhamdulillah, RENT OUT by MOKDIN ENTERPRISE is doing well.

I’m thinking about attending a business talk soon.
Anyone have any suggestion which business talk should I attend?
or any advice to develop this baby-business?


Writing [Part 3]


I haven’t familiarised myself writing using handphone and I have been ditched by my laptop for weeks 😂 Alhamdulillah.

Remember when I mentioned in writing or in aiming to make yourselves clear to people, providing *examples* will help people to be clear more about you.

Have you experimented it? 😉

To cut the story short, I have met a couple of friends to discuss over a projecf. This project sounds ridiculous.. and everything coming from me is always ridiculous and hard to digest by many. I think I should have capture everyone’s faces listening to my thoughts 😂 Alhamdulillah.

We began our first half hour with chitchat and eating, and continued our next half hour with the project. Basically both of them gave me this look that they just didn’t get my aim of wanting this project to be done. 😂

They were so nice but I finally gave up since I kept seeing their frowning. Then sambung cerita punya cerita, we talked about issues arised in Current World War (sarcasm). and suddenly they GOT what i meant!

It all happened when I shared my frustration on the issue – there you go – *WHY?* *WHY?*

In writing an essay, it always begin with RESEARCH QUESTIONS. These questions are laid out on a piece of paper on a particular issue we want to do research in depth. For instance, if we want to do a research on comparison between government workers and private workers, you have to be clear on what you’re looking for and things things that you want to SOLVE, hence research.


What are the factors leading to success of private sectors? compared to fully funded government sectors?

Does willpower play a role in the success of one sector?

And so on.

When you are clear with

1. Problems

that you wish to address

Then you are better and clear in things that you want to talk about.

Bererti – the WHY plays a crucial role in giving a message to readers.

Let me try this with you,

WHY are you writing and posting?

oh my skills! #2

oh salamm again! hehehe 😉  bhhh we teruskan saja kepada tips #2 yes? 🙂

#2 Tak Kenal Tak Cinta

esehh! apa kaitan cinta dengan penulisan? :p

adaaaa… cintalah yang menggerakkan nadi kehidupan kita..

jika tiada cinta, tiadalah rasa…

begitulah dengan penulisan, jika tiadaaa rasa cinta, nya orang kitani, inda berasa bh penulisan atu esehhh! :p

but indeed, penulisan yang ditulis dari hati, insyaAllah akan sampai kepada hati si pembaca 🙂

sooo, apaa lagi? menulislah dengan chentaaa ya? 🙂 moga Allah redha!

till next timee insyaAllah!

oh my skills! (Tips #1)

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah dear readers yang baik hati dan makin cinta kepada Allah dan RasulNya 🙂 hopefully sihat hendaknya ya (doakan saya juga ya)

first thing first, maafkan diri ini.. hohoho! behutang 2 posting! Allahu.. idk adakah alasan? banyak kerja with all the musim kawin2an? hmm~~ oh well, im here now, writingit!

sooo, without bercakap dengan panjang lebar… insyaAllah seperti yang dijanjikan i’ll share some tips for polishing our writing skill.. jom!

#1 PLS bawa pen and buku ke mana saja tujuan.

kenapa ada yang menjadi #1 pasalnyaaaa, ilham kadang-kadang Allah izinkan datang pada bila-bila masa dari pelbagai bentuk., we can jot down any ideas yang datang secara informal first, then sudah sampai di rumah, we can type it 🙂 simplee kan?

i think,  i’m gonna post my second sooon (like afta this! lol! remember saya behutang :P? hahaha! bhh, afta thiss, sediakan tia pen and a lil book yes? 😉 jomm!

Skin Care: The three basic essentials

Salaam my beautiful readers! I have just done my course with a MUA in Malaysia and am currently taking another course as well. It ends tomorrow insyaAllah. Hehe anywayyy,

So what’s the three basic essentials for skin care?

cleanser toner moisturiser

  1. Cleanser
  2. TONER
  3. Moisturiser (Day Cream/Night Cream)

I purposely put toner in caps because to be honest, that’s the one thing I always skip! I am sure there are many functions of each one of them but here is what I know and what I have learnt so far.


Cleanser is used for unclogging pores, removing dirt, oil from the skin of our face. This is to help prevent skin conditions like acne happening. It is also used to removed make up. Though waterproof make up would require a proper make up remover for that.

*Sephora’s water proof make up remover is a good one. #IaminlovewithSephora. Not really I think I am in love with all kinds of make up stuffs right now. Gosh. Help! Lol


A toner helps to clean your skin what the cleanser might have missed! And also it also helps to close up your pores. You want to minimise the size of your pores to reduce the dirt that enters it and hence prevent pimples, etc.


Hydration! Your skin needs this. This is important because having your skin moisturised prevents dryness, flakiness, acne and also wrinkles in the long run!

Basic Skin Care

There is more to this like the different types of cleanser, moisturiser for different types of skin that I have just learned in class. But we covered only a little. So we will see. I might cover that or go to make up right after! #EGGsited

So just before I end,

Is there anything about Skin Care that you want to know in particular? Type your questions below!

[Photography] : Chapter 2 , Be different

I saw a some birds were eating their foods. And the foods were actually provided by an Indian man who works at a shop, very close to the area. So when he actually gives the foods, all the nearest birds or perhaps ‘local’ kind of birds who lives there go to the foods and eat all they want.


Somehow by looking at the birds, most of them are black or grey in color (btw  I have no idea what are the name for these birds) but the moment I saw them, I took the camera and took their photos. The uploaded one above is the best one I could get compare to other pictures and this really give me the idea of ‘BE DIFFERENT’.

“Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.” – Bruce Lee .

Journey of the Undecided


Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarokatuh ❤

People say it takes a thousand pictures to get the perfect one. So, I used to literally count the pictures I took. The statement actually meant, practice makes perfect. Before I got my driver’s licence, I always took pictures of the clouds.

As you may notice, even during driving I sometimes also take pictures of the clouds/sky. This is merely because of the colour and the lighting (Ignore the academic style post, I just finish my second paper this morning, and sorry for the late post again T.T). Most importantly, because the angle is never wrong.

I always have this idea of a scene but also always failed to capture it, through lens, the way I imagined it to be. I still need to work on my angle of taking photos in order to get the image that I imagined in my head. Last weekend, I tried taking pictures while I was out and asked my sister to drive. Unfortunately, of all the pictures I took, there is none that I want to post here because of its ‘normality’. There is nothing special or sentimental about the pictures. So, I also had tried out a self-portrait picture beforehand (Note: Selfie) where I want it to look the way I imagined it to be, and it took me several tries before I feel satisfied with it.

Then, I realized, it is not the pictures that got better, it is me who is lowering my expectation. I think this is not a good idea when it comes to polishing new skills. I once learn that one should not feel satisfied easily, feeling satisfied is not building your character. What does not challenge you, will not change you.

Although I can tell you many things why I could not but they, in the end, are all excuses. The first steps/stages are always the hardest but once we have taken the first step, it will be easier in time inshaAllah. Now I am at 0.2 step #jangankecamsaya

Stay tune for my next progress.

p/s: I cannot post my “self-portrait” pictures due to the non-fully covered aurat.



I wrote a draft on Tuesday night , but turned out to prioritise my assignment instead. I was pretty physically drained with my workshops pagi petang on Wed and Thurs, plus attending events at night. Hence I ended up staring at my previous post, losing my motivation. while still actively writing on IG or Facebook. Weird, huh?

Those might be my excuses.

You might be wondering, hello, where is she? Bukan ia punya idea kah?

It has been a hectic week Alhamdulillah. and with guilt, I’m here again writing using my phone, alone in this dark place, cosy with air conditioner. Alhamdulillah finally a proper me time.

So really, to write you need *motivation* and a *reason*

For example, when I wanted to write here in the past few days, I kept asking myself a number of questions.

“Do I want to write because it is an obligation? Is it because I’m a Wednesday girl? Is it only after being reminded then I will only write? (P/s: I’m glad that none of you remind me to write because I prefer that way on executing a task for instance chores, assignments, etc)

Although I understand everything has to begin with a rule to discipline us. I remember a quote saying that,

“Be stubborn with your aim, but be flexible with your methods.”

I was glad talking to a teacher in my former teaching placement, where he talked about he couldn’t stand a time frame. For instance, if he was being ordered to finish a task at 3pm, he couldn’t take it. He further mentioned that he is a flexible type that he gets energy on doing things by being flexible. This reminds me of two friends of mine whom are REALLY good in designing. At that time they were in charge of designing layout for a party. So we created a whatsapp group. I kept on bugging them and asking them nicely on how things are going.

Say what? There were no replies at ALL. I was pretty bottled up but I didn’t say anything. The silence continued for the next few days. and the deadline is coming up!

One day, we had a chill hangout with our other friends and these two girls were there too. Surprisingly, they showed no reaction such as guilt or worries.

I then took a piece of paper then asked them if they wanted to discuss about the layout. They got excited and we walked outside the room looking for a spot to sit.

This one lady took a pencil and started to sketch a layout. Then another lady began to share her ideas. and in voila! 20 minutes the layout finished!

I, who was still in hairan mode.

“Urm, guys.”

Basically to cut the story short, we had a transparent discussion where they felt sorry for not replying the texts because they just couldn’t. They couldn’t stand being pressured to meet a deadline and they preferred to have a live meeting.

I said to myself, “you could have said it earlier!

But I decided to look up for more information how a creative person thinks. Basically some people just don’t know how to ask things.

That day, I learn to understand more – they’re not me. I am not them.

That is just one – personality.

Really, understanding people is interesting but be prepared to be exhausted because every human being is A TOTAL DIFFERENT as A person yet the best creation. Surah At-Tiin, ayat ? 😉

Anyways, am I being defensive?

I continued asking myself,

The purpose of writing here is to POLISH our skills. Does it mean that by sharing what we KNOW will help us improve the skills we want? Partly yes. because through sharing, we have that consistent progress and a a degree of commitment towards the skill we would like to do.

In the end, no matter HOW we do to make ourselves better, everyone has their OWN style and pace that fits them. Just like studying in class. In the past, I always feel bad if I did not understand what the lecturers saying. But entering Mteach helps me that I learn differently. alhamdulillah.

I am glad that by writing here is another progress of me, expressing myself to you here. Because to be honest, there’s so much thing I never talked with you all.

Therefore in writing, if you’d like readers to engage in your writing, give EXAMPLES.

For instance, allowance, you may talk about how allowance can help you living. that is one. how allowance has made you sloppy. that is two. This will make people broaden their mind to make sense of your point.

For e.g.

Ayam swicy :p

In promoting its’ brand, giving examples of how this ayam is nyaman is by mentioning its’

1. Daging yang lembut

2. Sos yang tidak berlebihan

3. Perisa yang menyengat

4. Harga yang murah

5. Menjilat jari

This will offer CHOICES to buyers. Some buyers attracted kalau baca “harga murah”. Some go for quality, “daging lembut.”

Therefore in writing, bila bagi contoh banarnya supaya tani inda siuk sendiri. wawa. my writing pernah kana comment siuk sendiri pasal it was meant to talk about my day saja. haha when it was to submitted as an article to be read by people out there. Kan namanya kan bagi mesej to people out there kan? Hehe. so I learnt a lesson.

Ani khusus untuk formal and informal writing. BUT. This applies to communicating with people verbally 🙂

My kaka always do this to me,

“Bisai ah the return of superman ani. ia mendidik kanak-kanak bah.”

She was giving me a real example how I can relate didikan anak ani macamana.

“Si atu bah. Bisai ia ani. Walaupun ia cemani cemani.. tapi ia masih cemani cemani.. ”

“Salah satu cara mendidik anak ialah dengan selalu berkomunikasi. Jika anak tiba-tiba merampas handphone anda ketika anda sedang membalas perbincangan di dalan Whatsapp, apakah yang anda lakukan? (Contoh of senario pertama) Adakah anda akan mengherdik anak kecil itu? Atau bertanya kepada anak anda, ‘Ahmad, do you know what is this? Yes a phone! Do you know what is it for? etc etc Yes, one of it to communicate with people who are not inside this house with us, or not (you continue your own story :p)

So YES 😀

In quran, we can see different contoh of people yg disgraced. or contoh-contoh mcmna syurga kana described ;’) my fav now is surah al-waqiah.

Try it out. Bagi contoh.

Now, try to figure this out.

In which matter above, I used examples? (not those obvious examples written. Hehe)

Till then!


A good make up look

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh lovelies!

Gosh. I didn’t realise today is friday! Nasib baik ingat tadi. Oh well. Anyhow, today we will learn a bit more about..

How to get a good make up look?

A lot of us may think (myself included) a good make up means knowing how to blend the colours, using high end products, having the skills and technique in using the brushes and whatnot. Well.. you might be surprised but the key to a good make up is actually..

A good skincare!



Yes. To ensure that your skin is properly cleaned and moisturised is super important. Otherwise, you will a break in your make up. If your skin isn’t properly cleaned and moisturised i.e. your skin is clogged up and dry, no matter how good the product is your make up will break and wouldn’t blend well. So invest in a good skincare.

I am still new to this thing but it happened to me a few times that my make up breaks due to my dry skin and it worked better after that when I ensured my skin is moisturised.


What skincare product is your choice and mind giving me your testimonial on the product as well?


It would really help me, insyaAllah.

Till next time,

The pearl you are

[Photography] : Chapter 1 , Cat


“Cats come into our lives to teach us about love, they depart to teach us about loss. A new cat never replaces an old cat, it merely expands the heart. If you have loved many cats, your heart is likely to be very big…” – Anon

About the cat

This cat did not have a specific name, just like what my family usually do. Every cat in the house will have a name, but somehow the tradition is difference in my husband’s house, where no name is given to the cat.

Specifically, this boy (he is a boy, and I am not going to use ‘it’, but ‘he’ from now on) is cat that always excited when our main or back door are open. He is soooo excited to enter the house and rest on the carpet straight away.

He sometimes linger on everyone’s feet and rest on my house slipper. It annoys me but at the same time, find it cute. And he is always ‘lepak‘ on our window, and make a 10 cents face so we would open the window, and let him in.

I guess, his age right now is 1.5 years old.

Camera setting

I took the picture of the cat by:

Lens : 50 mm, using 16-50mm lens

ISO : Auto

Film simulation : STD