First writer


Assalamualaikum my beautiful readers,
whom I’ve longed to talk about things that make our heart beats for Him..

Alhamdulillah for this blog, All praises to Allah swt alone, and thank YOU for making one dear friend :*, I never knew how to create wordpress. Paning. Biasa blogspot. Huhu.

Anyways, pastikan biskita inda busy membaca penulisan saya. Hehe.

Let me start off with my past (eseh).

When I was in year 5 (11 years old) I realized that I started to write – a diary.
It all began with a reason -when I started to like someone.

(Sorry that you have to read this.)

Ever since then, I expressed anything I felt on a page after another. I would go for bookstores and looked for new diary books colored pastel and smelled like perfume! Apatah lagi kalau ada berglitter glitter. Banyak tu zaman daulu kala.

I’m not sure how many diary books I have so far, but they’re still in my closet upstairs. It was recent since I checked them, after years ago. Barimalu. Speaking of the boy I admired, I actually showed my diary to all my classmates. ‘_’  ” Well, almost to whole school.

In the midst of embarrassment, I then created PAGES of comic, and sold to my friends for 50 cents. Lol. But surprisingly, people liked it and bought it.

I even wrote to Media Permata, named Blue, and expressed a poem specifically to the boy I admired. I vividly remember going to library meeting my Science teacher, Ms Arafah, and told her how proud I was for publishing a poem.

To me, it is still an achievement (for publishing my piece).

To cut the story short – I wrote diaries for years.
Karangan Bahasa Melayu was basically my favourite class.

Only when I entered form 6, I stopped writing, not entirely but only when I got mad or angry.

Ever since then, my confidence in writing slowly faded. Now when I read back my diaries, I was pretty much amazed with the vocabulary I had at that age. I was able to form sentences! Did you know that nowadays kanak-kanak darjah 6 ramai masih struggling membina ayat?

Anyways, so yeah. Keyakinan dalam menulis atu merudum lah.
My vocabulary masih limited. Struktur ayat, struktur perenggan – antah inda ku tau cemana.

Dengan izin Allah, I was invited to write for Anugerah book, for some of you already knew about it. It is a compilation of many authors from different backgrounds.

So I started to write, but most of the time, I was stucked. After a year? I decided to leave.
This project is really organised where one of the sections, there’s a feedback space.
A particular person was assigned to comment your writing.
Many commented that my writing was kindof everywhere. Lol aku apa lagi, stressed lah.
Knowing that I didn’t write it properly jua (with proper knowledge), kana commented cematu lagi, memanglah stress.

If I were to be commented after hardwork, then I would be fine, knowing that I did my best.

But from there, I slowly learn to write again.

And Alhamdulillah, just last week, one of our lectures was on “Kemahiran Menulis”
This knowledge was meant to teach primary kids, but it was a general knowledge.
We were given tonnes of materials, and I’m excited to explore!

Now, there is a proper knowledge.

In writing, my aim isn’t to write a gegar vaganza piece of writing, but more of towards serving a rich content and well structured piece that can reach the mind and hearts of readers.
* * *

Now, I’m pretty sure you’ve figured out the skill I would like to improve 🙂

There are some key points to improve writing (in my humble opinions and lack of knowledge)

  1. Kenang memori lama
  2. Tulis
  3. Read more books
  4. TulisPractise is all I need!


InshaAllah, I will share next time bit by bit how to write!

So, what’s your skill you’d love to share?



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