Anak Muda Karang Ani


Assalamualaikum! *lambai2 tangan*
Alohaaaaaa to you my sweet-cherry-blossom readers,
First of all, from the super-bottom part of my heart,
I would like to apologize to everyone for not be able to stick to the deadline given.
Ada denda kah ni? Kalau sayang, nada denda. *kirai2*

Anyways.. so today, InsyaAllah..let me redeem myself by sharing my heart and sayang to everyone.. Nada wah!
Actually, it took me awhile to think what other potentials to dig in.
Nya urang selagi muda ani, baiktah buat apa yang kan mau dibuat.

So for myself, tho I got quite a lot in the list as well,
it seems Massage therapy is on top of the list right now.
I guess being ‘pandai sudah sakit-sakit badan’ is one of the reason despite
being BARU 25.
I know-i know anak muda karang ani should take care of themselves banar banar2.

I once did share this story to my super-love friends tho..
It’s really something to think la, so…. pada suatu hari,
I asked my mother if she knows anyone who is a massage
expert that can URUTKAN, my body was aching so much that day.
What she said was definitely a huge slap on the face,
She said it’s funny to see youngsters nowadays muda-muda sudah sakit badan rather than urang dulu-dulu, very cakah & sihat, yang 25 macam 16 tahun lakat.

Plus seeing our parents grow old and sometimes they tend to ask you to picikkan kepala, picikkan bahu and all.
I realised we do need this skill, tarus tah masuk dalam list jadinya.
What’s so interesting about this?
Massage therapy macam-macam sebanarnya even dalam Islam pun ada.
Although at first, i thought there’s only bekam saja and sunnah food saja,
I found out that there’s a hadith that mentioned about Massage as well.
Interesting kan?

2017 - 1

Diriwayatkan oleh Ibnu Umar r.a, Rasulullah SAW pernah bersabda:
“Minumlah minyak zaitun dan berminyak dengannya kerana sesungguhnya ia adalah dari pohon yang diberkati.”
(HR Al-Baihaqi & Ibnu Majah)

It can be for healing, for stimulating, for relaxation, for stretching
even to kill someone jua!!! Yup, massage can kill.
But forget about that,
Gonna dig in more on the good sides for now.
So if anyone of you have any books to recommend,
do share it with meh, drop the title down there in the comment section.
See you again soon.


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