Finding your niche

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh dear readers,

I begin this entry with a question.

What’s your niche? 

I believe each and everyone has untapped potential or if I may say, untapped potentials. Notice: it’s plural. Really, we do. Now, now, before you say, “I am not good at anything”. Let us take a moment to really think this through. These potentials may not be fairly obvious to ourselves but let’s all take a few minutes to sit and think.

What’s your passion? 

Reading books? Writing? Art? Singing? Cleaning? Yeah, you heard me right. Cleaning! Who says cleaning can’t be a passion. It could be. And when you are deeply passionate in something, you can turn in it into something else. For example, a person who is a passionate in cleaning, will constantly think about what makes cleaning easier? What makes cleaning more efficient? And hence become proficient in that matter.

Anyway, no, my passion isn’t cleaning. *looks around my room. Nope. Definitely not. So anyway, from a young age, I have always loved colours. This goes for anything. Mix and match clothes back during my teenage years and well, now still. And during my university years, I get to ‘splash’ colours to my mind map and heyyyy, I got a good mark in that module! And then after finishing uni, I draw, I colour. I don’t know really but it is just something that comes from within me.

So yeah, I am into colours. I do have to say that it hasn’t always been rainbows and all in this ‘colouring’ journey. It gets frustrating when I can’t use my brush well and hence can’t produce a good result when colouring drawings but yes, we learn. It’s a process of learning, right?

Now. I guess you are wondering what exactly do I mean by having interest in colours in this case. It’s none of what I have mentioned above. It’s.. well, something new to me. Another aspect of colouring that I never thought I would ever explore! Really.

And. it’s..

make up

Yep! Make up! It was random. Someone came up to me and told me, “why not you join this course?” A make up course held by a Malaysian MuA (Make Up Artist). Curious. So I joined! I have tried make up a few times now, bought the brush set and whatnot. Well, for a beginner like me, I need more practise.

More about make ups? Wait till my next entry!

I have no special talents. I am just passionately curious.

Albert Einstien


7 Replies to “Finding your niche”

  1. I once read it somewhere, the person really love make up and a make artist jua, she said why she love it so much is because not that she want to change Allah’s beautiful creation but she wants to appreciate and enhance it syariah way. I think you know who she is. May Allah ease youuu

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