Online presence

Assalamualaikum dear readers,

now its 11.53pm and i got 6 more minutes to go for my post today😂

Right, the title tells it all, today I’m gonna share about business. Background of quantity surveying and its weird I’ve jumped myself in to the business world. There’s a reasonable explanation for that but I’ll tell later (5 mins more!)

for online business, the most important thing is online presence. If you don’t have this then no use selling.

in example, right now I’m selling shaklee*ehem!*

(insert photo, i still don’t know how to use this wordpress😂 Biasa blogspot. Me and wordpress don’t go together 😤)

anyway, back to topic, shaklee is good in terms of quality, its good for your body, for additional supplement but if people doesn’t know about it then it won’t sell.

no body knows = no body buy

next topic, I’ll explain how to make online presence

toddledo. Ngam 11.59pm!😂


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