Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarokatuh ❤

First of all, sincere apologies for the late post and heads up, I am not very good at expressing things in writing or words so, my posts could be short and straight forward and a messy piece.

I have yet found my main niche but I really do have a lot of things I’d like to try out. For now, I’d try my very best to polish my photography and editing skills… which I have to invest into buying Photoshop software. (Please let me know if there are other alternatives that is affordable).

I put the word undecided as title because I think, I might probably be changing my mind along the way but I hope not. I once tried wedding photography, not voluntarily, a close friend liked my pictures (which was good only because it was outdoor and has natural bright lighting) and tried to boost my confident in polishing my photography skill and hired me as her wedding photography.

Mistakes I made that time:

  1. I was alone and it was to cover up 2 events; one at her house during solemnization and another was at Bridex hall for wedding reception. Usually wedding photographer is a team.
  2. I did not edit the pictures because I was really clueless of what a wedding photographer’s jobs are. So, I ended up giving her all the raw pictures which in turn she gave me constructive feedback regarding lights and editing. The pictures should be edited and narrowed down to a number of very good quality pictures only.
  3. Main mistake is I did not do research and follow up to prepare and improve. Lets hope this will work out well.

I already have my DSLR and some books of photography. I still do not have any editing software and personal tutor to teach me. This previous week, I have not started anything on it. Interested to know my progress? stay tune (Advert). Pray for me to be able to make progress and may it be beneficial.



7 Replies to “Undecided”

  1. Yep yep. Taking pictures. Like capturing a moment in simple photo. Maybe can ask around on those who are into this field. Ask also why they do it, perhaps from there the undecided will be.. decided! Hehe


  2. That must be awkward.. anyways, everyone has a start for things. You’re a step ahead than those who didn’t try! You are fortunate to have that someone to help you out. Keep going! I hate photoshop because i don’t know how to do it. Looking forward for your posts :*

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  3. and when you said, your writings might be a messy, it’s not! I like when you organize some of your points with bullet points. I like bullet points!

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