A good make up look

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh lovelies!

Gosh. I didn’t realise today is friday! Nasib baik ingat tadi. Oh well. Anyhow, today we will learn a bit more about..

How to get a good make up look?

A lot of us may think (myself included) a good make up means knowing how to blend the colours, using high end products, having the skills and technique in using the brushes and whatnot. Well.. you might be surprised but the key to a good make up is actually..

A good skincare!



Yes. To ensure that your skin is properly cleaned and moisturised is super important. Otherwise, you will a break in your make up. If your skin isn’t properly cleaned and moisturised i.e. your skin is clogged up and dry, no matter how good the product is your make up will break and wouldn’t blend well. So invest in a good skincare.

I am still new to this thing but it happened to me a few times that my make up breaks due to my dry skin and it worked better after that when I ensured my skin is moisturised.


What skincare product is your choice and mind giving me your testimonial on the product as well?


It would really help me, insyaAllah.

Till next time,

The pearl you are


2 Replies to “A good make up look”

  1. Interesting! now I know the need of using bb cream, moisturizer, toner and all. tapi atuya bykkk (referring to gambar). My skin is not very sensitive kali, so i just use any skincare product yg murah and help kawan yg bejual. I only desperately cari something if my face ada jerawat e.g. oxycover (not a sponsor, jk)

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  2. Using Adania Skincare product for 2 years? hihi one of the best so far due to it is organic and suitable for my skin (not a sponsor review 😛 )

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