Skin Care: The three basic essentials

Salaam my beautiful readers! I have just done my course with a MUA in Malaysia and am currently taking another course as well. It ends tomorrow insyaAllah. Hehe anywayyy,

So what’s the three basic essentials for skin care?

cleanser toner moisturiser

  1. Cleanser
  2. TONER
  3. Moisturiser (Day Cream/Night Cream)

I purposely put toner in caps because to be honest, that’s the one thing I always skip! I am sure there are many functions of each one of them but here is what I know and what I have learnt so far.


Cleanser is used for unclogging pores, removing dirt, oil from the skin of our face. This is to help prevent skin conditions like acne happening. It is also used to removed make up. Though waterproof make up would require a proper make up remover for that.

*Sephora’s water proof make up remover is a good one. #IaminlovewithSephora. Not really I think I am in love with all kinds of make up stuffs right now. Gosh. Help! Lol


A toner helps to clean your skin what the cleanser might have missed! And also it also helps to close up your pores. You want to minimise the size of your pores to reduce the dirt that enters it and hence prevent pimples, etc.


Hydration! Your skin needs this. This is important because having your skin moisturised prevents dryness, flakiness, acne and also wrinkles in the long run!

Basic Skin Care

There is more to this like the different types of cleanser, moisturiser for different types of skin that I have just learned in class. But we covered only a little. So we will see. I might cover that or go to make up right after! #EGGsited

So just before I end,

Is there anything about Skin Care that you want to know in particular? Type your questions below!


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