Writing [Part 3]


I haven’t familiarised myself writing using handphone and I have been ditched by my laptop for weeks 😂 Alhamdulillah.

Remember when I mentioned in writing or in aiming to make yourselves clear to people, providing *examples* will help people to be clear more about you.

Have you experimented it? 😉

To cut the story short, I have met a couple of friends to discuss over a projecf. This project sounds ridiculous.. and everything coming from me is always ridiculous and hard to digest by many. I think I should have capture everyone’s faces listening to my thoughts 😂 Alhamdulillah.

We began our first half hour with chitchat and eating, and continued our next half hour with the project. Basically both of them gave me this look that they just didn’t get my aim of wanting this project to be done. 😂

They were so nice but I finally gave up since I kept seeing their frowning. Then sambung cerita punya cerita, we talked about issues arised in Current World War (sarcasm). and suddenly they GOT what i meant!

It all happened when I shared my frustration on the issue – there you go – *WHY?* *WHY?*

In writing an essay, it always begin with RESEARCH QUESTIONS. These questions are laid out on a piece of paper on a particular issue we want to do research in depth. For instance, if we want to do a research on comparison between government workers and private workers, you have to be clear on what you’re looking for and things things that you want to SOLVE, hence research.


What are the factors leading to success of private sectors? compared to fully funded government sectors?

Does willpower play a role in the success of one sector?

And so on.

When you are clear with

1. Problems

that you wish to address

Then you are better and clear in things that you want to talk about.

Bererti – the WHY plays a crucial role in giving a message to readers.

Let me try this with you,

WHY are you writing and posting?


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