Online presence

Assalamualaikum dear readers,

now its 11.53pm and i got 6 more minutes to go for my post today😂

Right, the title tells it all, today I’m gonna share about business. Background of quantity surveying and its weird I’ve jumped myself in to the business world. There’s a reasonable explanation for that but I’ll tell later (5 mins more!)

for online business, the most important thing is online presence. If you don’t have this then no use selling.

in example, right now I’m selling shaklee*ehem!*

(insert photo, i still don’t know how to use this wordpress😂 Biasa blogspot. Me and wordpress don’t go together 😤)

anyway, back to topic, shaklee is good in terms of quality, its good for your body, for additional supplement but if people doesn’t know about it then it won’t sell.

no body knows = no body buy

next topic, I’ll explain how to make online presence

toddledo. Ngam 11.59pm!😂



Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarokatuh ❤

First of all, sincere apologies for the late post and heads up, I am not very good at expressing things in writing or words so, my posts could be short and straight forward and a messy piece.

I have yet found my main niche but I really do have a lot of things I’d like to try out. For now, I’d try my very best to polish my photography and editing skills… which I have to invest into buying Photoshop software. (Please let me know if there are other alternatives that is affordable).

I put the word undecided as title because I think, I might probably be changing my mind along the way but I hope not. I once tried wedding photography, not voluntarily, a close friend liked my pictures (which was good only because it was outdoor and has natural bright lighting) and tried to boost my confident in polishing my photography skill and hired me as her wedding photography.

Mistakes I made that time:

  1. I was alone and it was to cover up 2 events; one at her house during solemnization and another was at Bridex hall for wedding reception. Usually wedding photographer is a team.
  2. I did not edit the pictures because I was really clueless of what a wedding photographer’s jobs are. So, I ended up giving her all the raw pictures which in turn she gave me constructive feedback regarding lights and editing. The pictures should be edited and narrowed down to a number of very good quality pictures only.
  3. Main mistake is I did not do research and follow up to prepare and improve. Lets hope this will work out well.

I already have my DSLR and some books of photography. I still do not have any editing software and personal tutor to teach me. This previous week, I have not started anything on it. Interested to know my progress? stay tune (Advert). Pray for me to be able to make progress and may it be beneficial.


Oh my skills!

assalamualaikum warahmatullah wbt readers yang baik hatinya :), hows everyone doing? moga sihat hendaknya amin.  okkk to be honest, till now i’m still can’t decide apaaa topik yang kan saya sharing ani.. but mari tah… tani sama-sama cek apakan saya kan kurapakkan ani yea ceh!

ok.. insyaAllah i see myself as a potentional writer (Amiin!) lol ukan angkat bakul tu ahh! kitani menggali/mencari our potensi yang Allah berikan kepada tani, so that we can can contribute balik for His deen, but my struggle adalah.. mempelbagaikan vocab dalam penullisan. So untuk meningkatkan lagi kualiti/ polis my skill in writing, i think, i should reasearch more kali ah about bidang penulisan ani. insyAllah i’m focusing menulis in novel and cerpen, mohon doanya! sooo mahu tahu tips-tips untuk memvariasikan lagi penulisan cerpen and novel awda? till my next post insyaAllah! for now jomm bismillahhh! research is on! 🙂

Anak Muda Karang Ani


Assalamualaikum! *lambai2 tangan*
Alohaaaaaa to you my sweet-cherry-blossom readers,
First of all, from the super-bottom part of my heart,
I would like to apologize to everyone for not be able to stick to the deadline given.
Ada denda kah ni? Kalau sayang, nada denda. *kirai2*

Anyways.. so today, InsyaAllah..let me redeem myself by sharing my heart and sayang to everyone.. Nada wah!
Actually, it took me awhile to think what other potentials to dig in.
Nya urang selagi muda ani, baiktah buat apa yang kan mau dibuat.

So for myself, tho I got quite a lot in the list as well,
it seems Massage therapy is on top of the list right now.
I guess being ‘pandai sudah sakit-sakit badan’ is one of the reason despite
being BARU 25.
I know-i know anak muda karang ani should take care of themselves banar banar2.

I once did share this story to my super-love friends tho..
It’s really something to think la, so…. pada suatu hari,
I asked my mother if she knows anyone who is a massage
expert that can URUTKAN, my body was aching so much that day.
What she said was definitely a huge slap on the face,
She said it’s funny to see youngsters nowadays muda-muda sudah sakit badan rather than urang dulu-dulu, very cakah & sihat, yang 25 macam 16 tahun lakat.

Plus seeing our parents grow old and sometimes they tend to ask you to picikkan kepala, picikkan bahu and all.
I realised we do need this skill, tarus tah masuk dalam list jadinya.
What’s so interesting about this?
Massage therapy macam-macam sebanarnya even dalam Islam pun ada.
Although at first, i thought there’s only bekam saja and sunnah food saja,
I found out that there’s a hadith that mentioned about Massage as well.
Interesting kan?

2017 - 1

Diriwayatkan oleh Ibnu Umar r.a, Rasulullah SAW pernah bersabda:
“Minumlah minyak zaitun dan berminyak dengannya kerana sesungguhnya ia adalah dari pohon yang diberkati.”
(HR Al-Baihaqi & Ibnu Majah)

It can be for healing, for stimulating, for relaxation, for stretching
even to kill someone jua!!! Yup, massage can kill.
But forget about that,
Gonna dig in more on the good sides for now.
So if anyone of you have any books to recommend,
do share it with meh, drop the title down there in the comment section.
See you again soon.

Finding your niche

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh dear readers,

I begin this entry with a question.

What’s your niche? 

I believe each and everyone has untapped potential or if I may say, untapped potentials. Notice: it’s plural. Really, we do. Now, now, before you say, “I am not good at anything”. Let us take a moment to really think this through. These potentials may not be fairly obvious to ourselves but let’s all take a few minutes to sit and think.

What’s your passion? 

Reading books? Writing? Art? Singing? Cleaning? Yeah, you heard me right. Cleaning! Who says cleaning can’t be a passion. It could be. And when you are deeply passionate in something, you can turn in it into something else. For example, a person who is a passionate in cleaning, will constantly think about what makes cleaning easier? What makes cleaning more efficient? And hence become proficient in that matter.

Anyway, no, my passion isn’t cleaning. *looks around my room. Nope. Definitely not. So anyway, from a young age, I have always loved colours. This goes for anything. Mix and match clothes back during my teenage years and well, now still. And during my university years, I get to ‘splash’ colours to my mind map and heyyyy, I got a good mark in that module! And then after finishing uni, I draw, I colour. I don’t know really but it is just something that comes from within me.

So yeah, I am into colours. I do have to say that it hasn’t always been rainbows and all in this ‘colouring’ journey. It gets frustrating when I can’t use my brush well and hence can’t produce a good result when colouring drawings but yes, we learn. It’s a process of learning, right?

Now. I guess you are wondering what exactly do I mean by having interest in colours in this case. It’s none of what I have mentioned above. It’s.. well, something new to me. Another aspect of colouring that I never thought I would ever explore! Really.

And. it’s..

make up

Yep! Make up! It was random. Someone came up to me and told me, “why not you join this course?” A make up course held by a Malaysian MuA (Make Up Artist). Curious. So I joined! I have tried make up a few times now, bought the brush set and whatnot. Well, for a beginner like me, I need more practise.

More about make ups? Wait till my next entry!

I have no special talents. I am just passionately curious.

Albert Einstien

First writer


Assalamualaikum my beautiful readers,
whom I’ve longed to talk about things that make our heart beats for Him..

Alhamdulillah for this blog, All praises to Allah swt alone, and thank YOU for making one dear friend :*, I never knew how to create wordpress. Paning. Biasa blogspot. Huhu.

Anyways, pastikan biskita inda busy membaca penulisan saya. Hehe.

Let me start off with my past (eseh).

When I was in year 5 (11 years old) I realized that I started to write – a diary.
It all began with a reason -when I started to like someone.

(Sorry that you have to read this.)

Ever since then, I expressed anything I felt on a page after another. I would go for bookstores and looked for new diary books colored pastel and smelled like perfume! Apatah lagi kalau ada berglitter glitter. Banyak tu zaman daulu kala.

I’m not sure how many diary books I have so far, but they’re still in my closet upstairs. It was recent since I checked them, after years ago. Barimalu. Speaking of the boy I admired, I actually showed my diary to all my classmates. ‘_’  ” Well, almost to whole school.

In the midst of embarrassment, I then created PAGES of comic, and sold to my friends for 50 cents. Lol. But surprisingly, people liked it and bought it.

I even wrote to Media Permata, named Blue, and expressed a poem specifically to the boy I admired. I vividly remember going to library meeting my Science teacher, Ms Arafah, and told her how proud I was for publishing a poem.

To me, it is still an achievement (for publishing my piece).

To cut the story short – I wrote diaries for years.
Karangan Bahasa Melayu was basically my favourite class.

Only when I entered form 6, I stopped writing, not entirely but only when I got mad or angry.

Ever since then, my confidence in writing slowly faded. Now when I read back my diaries, I was pretty much amazed with the vocabulary I had at that age. I was able to form sentences! Did you know that nowadays kanak-kanak darjah 6 ramai masih struggling membina ayat?

Anyways, so yeah. Keyakinan dalam menulis atu merudum lah.
My vocabulary masih limited. Struktur ayat, struktur perenggan – antah inda ku tau cemana.

Dengan izin Allah, I was invited to write for Anugerah book, for some of you already knew about it. It is a compilation of many authors from different backgrounds.

So I started to write, but most of the time, I was stucked. After a year? I decided to leave.
This project is really organised where one of the sections, there’s a feedback space.
A particular person was assigned to comment your writing.
Many commented that my writing was kindof everywhere. Lol aku apa lagi, stressed lah.
Knowing that I didn’t write it properly jua (with proper knowledge), kana commented cematu lagi, memanglah stress.

If I were to be commented after hardwork, then I would be fine, knowing that I did my best.

But from there, I slowly learn to write again.

And Alhamdulillah, just last week, one of our lectures was on “Kemahiran Menulis”
This knowledge was meant to teach primary kids, but it was a general knowledge.
We were given tonnes of materials, and I’m excited to explore!

Now, there is a proper knowledge.

In writing, my aim isn’t to write a gegar vaganza piece of writing, but more of towards serving a rich content and well structured piece that can reach the mind and hearts of readers.
* * *

Now, I’m pretty sure you’ve figured out the skill I would like to improve 🙂

There are some key points to improve writing (in my humble opinions and lack of knowledge)

  1. Kenang memori lama
  2. Tulis
  3. Read more books
  4. TulisPractise is all I need!


InshaAllah, I will share next time bit by bit how to write!

So, what’s your skill you’d love to share?



I was looking for a new interest. Somehow somewhat, graphic design was one of the option that I considered but it’s not an easy thing. And since I am not the type of person, that could stay in front of the computer for a long period of time, I decided graphic design is not my kind of thing (for now?).

Soooooooo…I decided to go for photography since we actually have a camera which we bought last year somewhere in October. The camera that I will be using is a brand from Japan, which is Fujifilm X-T10.


Fujifilm X-T10 key features

  • 16MP X-Trans CMOS II APS-C sensor
  • EXR Processor II
  • ISO 200-6400, plus 100 – 51200 expanded (JPEG only)
  • 2.36M dot OLED electronic viewfinder with 0.62x (equiv.) magnification
  • 3″ 920k dot tilting LCD
  • 7 programmable function buttons
  • Digital Split Image and Focus Highlight Peaking
  • New zone AF in AF-S/AF-C; wide (tracking) for AF-C; Eye Detection
  • Full HD movie recording (1080/60p, 36Mbps bitrate), with built-in stereo microphone
  • Built-in pop-up flash
  • Wi-Fi connectivity with remote control from a smartphone or tablet
  • Magnesium alloy body

Insya Allah, from now onward I will post some pictures and skills that I begin to learn baby-steps.